Many say that “There is no Summer without a kiss”, but in Noa Harmon, we are more than thinking that “There is no summer without a clog”, or at least, it should be forbidden!

And it is not for less. With the arrival of good weather, it seems that the plans multiply. You leave home for the office and you do not know the day that awaits you: meetings, meals, more meetings, and suddenly an after work, and then when you think you are heading home, a dinner!

We are fans of the improvised, of those last-minute plans, that’s why we always opt for off-road footwear and clothing.

-Discover the coolest sandals of the season- 

Therefore, if you are looking for that complement that is a success for every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, we have them! Although today we will only talk about ZAFIRA, our wooden clog that has traveled to Honduras.

Why is everyone talking about the ZAFIRA wooden clog?

Our ZAFIRA wooden clog has it all: buckle in tortoiseshell or matte gold effect, its platform that makes it extremely comfortable and its variety of colors make it a summer favorite for many.

We confirm that ZAFIRA has once again conquered the hearts of many of us, so much so that even Lara Álvarez wore them at the last gala in Supervivientes, the wildest and hardest reality show on Spanish television.

Here we leave you a couple of photos so you can see how incredible they made him. As we told you, they are off-road and comfortable, suitable even for the Palapa!

Lara Álvarez Noa Harmon ZAFIRA
Lara Álvarez en Supervivientes con zueco ZAFIRA
Lara Álvarez Noa Harmon ZAFIRA
Lara Álvarez & ZAFIRA clogs
ZAFIRA Noa Harmon Shoes zueco tacón efecto madera y hebilla mujer 8745-00
ZAFIRA clog in leather color

If for any of those you have not yet tried our wooden clogs, ZAFIRA, you are still on time. There are still some sizes left in our online store, so don’t get too distracted if you want to be the envy of your friends this summer.

No matter what you combine it with, it is perfect for any outfit promised! Here you have the direct link where you can find it in all the available colors.

If you get your ZAFIRA, do not hesitate to share your photo on Instagram, tag us that will make us very happy.

A big kiss,

Noa Harmon