A proposal of original, special and comfortable designs, which will accompany you both in your day-to-day and on those most special occasions.

Our inspiration? Your. If our designs are characterized by something, it is because they reflect all the women in our lives, with whom we coexist, and whom we admire.

For this reason, you will surely feel identified with the different styles, fabrics, and materials.

If this new season SS21 stands out for something, it is for wanting to teleport to a place of peace, magic, and where you feel.

After the pandemic in which we still find ourselves, there can be nothing more wonderful than feeling calm in the soul … And that is precisely what we want you to feel with Noa Harmon.

What is hidden in this new SS21 collection?

Our emblematic wooden clog could not be missing. ZAFIRA in a multitude of colors and finishes, cannot be missing from your shoe rack.

Flat sandals full of color, cowboy boots and our “chain” sole, raffia sandals and slippers, bamboo ornaments, and tortoiseshell effect, among many more surprises …

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ELIXIR inspiration 

“Calm in the soul
Return? I had never left
My way has not changed
All the pieces fit
There are no voids in my soul anymore
Live, laugh, and love
My elixir
Feel it
Purity and peace
The essential
I do not need anything else”

Now that you know many of the secrets of our new collection, it is time to get your favorite styles.

We hope you love this new collection as much as we do. It is made with many love, from woman to woman.

Ah! We would be very happy if you share your Noa Harmon look with us, and tag us on Instagram @noaharmonofficial.

Take care honey,

Noa Harmon