Noa Harmon

I am a reflection of all the women who I know, who I live with and who I admire.

“If you must commit to someone make it be yourself. I assure you a love story more beautiful will never be.”

Noa by name and by surname Harmon, because harmony is precisely that which we all long to acquire in life A balance in all that envelopes us and makes us feel complete… happy.

Noa Harmon was born in 2015 in response to a growing social movement claiming more rights and freedom for us, the women. The depth and meaning of these actions can be found in the essence and values of what is more than just a brand, a feeling.

A brand with creative designs and daring combinations
A brand that inspires you to be and love yourself just the way you are
A refuge where freedom and authenticity are your banner.

“There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is confident in herself”

Because you need nothing that takes away from yourself and, even less some shoes.

Shall we walk together?

Speak out, love yourself and experiment the feeling of empowerment with me.