About me…

I am a shoe brand of recent creation, inspired by woman and in all the stages of her life.

A brand for women with character, with essence, dreamers, factotum…

The quality, originality, care of my designs and the quantity of lines, turn me into the best alternative for you to fit on any occasion, both for the day by day and any event or celebration.

Do we walk together?

I have a message for you:

To you... To you, brave woman, with goals, factotum and dreamer. To you, who are looking for happiness in the small details of the day by day. To you, that love to enjoy today and now. To you, which loves last minute plans. To you, which nothing scares you. To you, that no matter how many years pass you feel in your twenty. That mentality and that spirit that only have a few. I invite you to experiment with me the feeling of power: - the power to feel unique. - the power to feel comfortable. - the power to feel beautiful. - the power to feel free - the power to feel yourself. This is the most important. Sincerely, Noa